Supported devices

The devices below are supported by the embedded software and the usbpicprog PC software It is very possible that a PIC device is supported by the latest snapshot version of usbpicprog (firmware + PC software). In the table below, either the snapshot revision or the release version of usbpicprog is shown for every supported device.
The latest firmware can always be obtained from the github repository in binary and source form (.hex file). The software is available in source format. A ready-built snapshot version can be found here, but be careful – the snapshots are not stable and therefore not yet released.
If you have tested a device that is not listed, please use the form below

Supported Devices ½ = Partially v = Tested U = Untested X=Not Working


If you have successfully programmed a PIC or not, please let me know using this form! If something is not working, please make sure that you provide as much information as you can under remarks; not just “please help me”!