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For Ubuntu users, a PPA (Personal Package Archive) has been created in order to supply easy installation and automatic updates.
The PPA is hosted at launchpad and can be accessed through this link

usbpicprog-stable For the stable released versions
usbpicprog-devel For beta releases and SVN snapshots

Alternatively, the PPA can be set up by means of a script which will ask you which of the two PPAs you want to use.

  • Download this script
  • make it executable:
  • chmod +x
  • execute the script
  • From now on you will receive automatic updates for usbpicprog. Updates will be supplied for the 3 latest distributions of Ubuntu
  • Restart your system to give yourself access to the usbpicprog hardware as a general user in the plugdev group.

Usbpicprog is always under development, so if you want to have the latest revision of the software, you can also find some snapshot releases here. Please note that this is unstable software. It may contain the latest update and bugfixes but it may also contain new bugs.

From now on, this download page will not contain new .deb packages since they will be distributed by means of the Launchpad PPA system (see above). Only source archives and new Windows and Mac releases will be distributed this way.

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